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What role do containers play in climate change?

An ISBU is a remarkable box that withstands wind, rain, salt, extreme weight, dropping and bumping. It is the strongest mobile or stationary structure in the world, built to resist typhoons, tornados, hurricanes, and even earthquakes. Where would you rather be during a hurricane or earthquake?

These structures provide better and faster solutions to re-building communities after a natural disaster.

More Benefits

Corten - These containers are made with a stronger steel named Corten that won’t rust or corrode. It is extremely adaptive to the most efficient Eco insulations, more durable, and resistant to water, mold, and termites.

Low structural cost - high strength - ISBUs offer incredible structural strength for a fraction of the cost of traditional timber, steel, and concrete construction. Since all the strength is in the structural elements themselves, the foundation design is simpler and less expensive.

Short construction time - Steel modules are the safest structures to assemble. Recycled homes could cut construction time in half.

Easy to transport - Because they were made for that! These structures can be assembled, disassembled, and reassembled wherever you need them.

Adaptable - unlimited potential for difficult sites
These structures can be used to overcome traditional design problems on almost any complex site.

Large living areas - They are ideal for multi-story spaces, offering a large functional area with a small footprint.

Sustainability - Modifying containers to be used as living spaces consumes significantly less energy than melting them down.

With our CloseCare vision we want to reach out to a large number of people and communities to bring them the advantage of these benefits. We are enthusiastically committed to quality, cost-effectiveness, and fast building.

Please e-mail us and tell us about your project! We will work out the details.


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